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Spirit of Love Picture by AHONU Spirit Artist Jane’s Spirit of Love picture reveals her star origins and evolution through her Celtic and Egyptian lifetimes that are paramount for her understanding now – her core self is purity and defends God Truth! It is time to come out again, redefine herself and bring out the secret knowledge she’s been hiding for lifetimes.

She is no longer sad about humanity not being further evolved, instead her sensitivity and compassion radiates out to all her soul family, gathering them together to take them back home to truth in God Source.

The 4 directions in her picture are about Divine order, Divine structure and balance in all things. It is a gold shield defending Source teachings, it is a gold sun beaming out gold and yellow light and the four golden Ankhs are the Egyptian symbol of eternal life and the key to other dimensional spaces.

Jane’s Spirit of Love picture is a celebration of purified lifetimes, a radiance of evolutionary progress and an arrival at truth, balance and perfection.

[stars] Published with client’s permission.

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