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The Power of Dogma

The Power of DogmaThis picture called “Power of Dogma” shows that even though indoctrination can lie heavy on a person’s shoulders, light can shine past and break through barriers of darkness. The struggle of both results in victory as aspects of light slowly overcome the weight and darkness of the other.

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Posted on Jan 28, 2008

The Crystal Skull

The Crystal SkullThis image, given as a Christmas gift to Aingeal Rose in 2008, had prophetic overtones. At first I thought she was going to die, but the butterflies presented an intriguing alternative.

She was offered to read 6 crystal skulls in California later that year and soon after that had a cataract removed from her right eye!

Her fragile self was hiding within but her beauty and her message of hope was emerging as her birthday approached on 11-11-11. As these elegant though forms took flight and were released to the world, their effect, and the hope that shines from them, grows.

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Posted on Jan 24, 2008

Artemis Past Life

Artemis Past LifeA past (and future) life of Artemis showing his welcomed ascension into divinity. His self mixes with the universe, colouring it with his fears, his passions, his thoughts and his experiences, both dark and light as he rises into the joy of his divine birthright.

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Posted on Jan 20, 2008

Ancient Pendant

Ancient PendantThis is a Pendant from a Celtic Lifetime. The pendant shows feelings of warm emotion tempering a searing hot bubble of passion. Symmetry is desired, and obtained, as experience is interwoven into the core of the person’s powerful will, a will that is felt throughout his lifetimes and into the present moment.

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Posted on Jan 16, 2008

Aingeal’s Angels Angles

AINGEAL's Angel AnglesPrompted by Aingeal Rose to paint a past life of hers, I saw these red angles. Not happy with that little bit of information, Aingeal Rose sought a further, deeper explanation.

I had first seen angles, then they became triangles that became pyramids – it was a past life of Aingeal Rose’s in Egypt! She was there as a Keeper of the Records and to this day practices Akashic Record Readings! She verified that she had her own independent memory of that life as a keeper of the records in Egypt.

What was even more bizarre was that I had previously changed her Christian name from Gail Anne to Aingeal (sounds like ‘Ann’ and ‘Gail’ together). The “aingeal or “angle” part meaning “Angel” in Irish!

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Posted on Jan 12, 2008

Scribe of Egypt

AINGEAL Rose Scribe of EgyptA Past Life in Egypt shows up as a Keeper of the Records. The scribe envisions the future, wondering how the pyramid will withstand the test of time. Chained to her station, she pours her hopes and dreams into the preservation of her records of creation. Aingeal Rose is a Reader of the Records today – no surprises there!

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Posted on Jan 8, 2008

AINGEAL Rose Celtic Lifetime

AINGEAL Rose Celtic LifetimeThis image of a Celtic Past Life of Aingeal Rose shows her surrounded by Guides and draped in high-frequency colors. The caption reads “Queen of the Gaels”, interesting, since her name is AinGEAL meaning ANGEL in the Irish language!

The blue, violet and white spectrum aura emphasizes her feminine power emanating from the Queen. Her fierce red hair embodies tenacity as her eyes gaze at her staff of power and onward into the future.

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Posted on Jan 4, 2008

AHONU Celtic Lifetime

AHONU Celtic LifetimeThis is a past life of mine. I use these paintings of your soul essence to move blockages, to remember and to help provide instant and long-term healing in the here and now.

In this picture, the vitality and majesty of the stallion signifies the strength of will of the Celtic Warrior. This strength is essential as the warrior journeys through nature, finding his place within its overall beauty and vastness.

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Posted on Jan 1, 2008