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Spirit of Love of a Twin Flame couple

Twin Flames & Soul Mates check this out!Twin flames come back together following lifetimes apart. The twin pair were as one in the beginning, then they expanded outward through dimensions and now, after eons, they are returning to be together.

Although apart, there was always interaction between them as they explored their perceived separate identities and experiences. They also supported each other in their separation by maintaining a silver chord of communication across the matrix of time.

Of all the planets, Earth was not necessary for them but they choose it in this time cycle for its ascension potential as well as the spiritual thrust their combined energies can bring to their own healing and that of the Earth.

Their gold and silver aspects shows their 12-strand DNA potential is now ready to merge back into unity, if that is what they choose.

Published with client’s permission.

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Posted on Aug 26, 2012