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SML Earth

SML-Earth is a Spirit of Love picture by AHONUThis special Spirit of Love image of Inner and Outer Earth came from the heart of the participant, who prefers to be knows simply as SML. It shows his connection with his and the Earth’s inner core and their corresponding outer manifestations. His picture is very relevant for himself and for these times.

The inner core is Earth’s core. It is densely forested and green with life which is the color of the heart chakra. The purple colored trees in the inner core seems to take their root in the blue mantle of the Earth, while the four symbolic trees are rooted in the same mantle growing into our outward manifestation of surface life. The four outer trees protect and nourish the blue atmosphere around the Earth, protecting it in its silvery-blue shield. All trees symbolize strength. They stand tall and strong, providing immeasurable benefits to their surroundings. This is the truth of SML.

Published with client’s permission.

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Posted on Apr 17, 2014