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Ho-Sheng-Hsiao Family Crest

Ho-Sheng HsiaoThe new family crest of Ho-Sheng-Hsiao is a 4 sided pyramidal structure graced with the endurance of diamond. The ‘almost’ Fleur-De-Lei corner tips, when seen in relief, are in fact hands gifting and supporting the central flower of life pattern. Each of these is also a sand-timer, a further reference to ancient Egyptian mysticism, while at the same time connected to four blue lotus flowers symbolizing the family’s Asian ancestry.

The same sand-timers are whorls of water emanating from their source in all creation. Along with the lotus and central flower, the water nourishes the family from deep within, perpetually flowing outward in a giving, generous gesture. The colors suggest an autumnal theme, one of harvest and thanksgiving, indicating the family are always blessed with abundant spiritual as well as financial wealth. Finally, in the Ho-Sheng-Hsiao family crest, there is 1 large base pyramid, 4 smaller pyramids, 4 directions, 4 lotus flowers, 4 sand-timers, 8 pairs of hands, and 8 petals surrounding the 1 central portal to Source, all characteristics of strength and stability in their family foundation.

Published with client’s permission.

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