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Mitchell-Creehan Ancestral Healing Family Crest

The Mitchell-Creehan Ancestral Healing Family Crest by Spirit Artist AhonuBackground:
These family crests heal backward in time through family lines by seeing what the family name looked like before any distortions of war, battle or conflict of any kind. They attempt to create on paper what the frequency of the perfected family name looks like. Most of the family crests I have done for people over the years have not gone beyond the original sounding of the last name as the identifier of the energy signature of the family. However, in your case, I found myself going back in time to one of the seedings of this planet, with its origins on Mars. Never before have I found names to go back so far in time. The meaning below is interpreted from the center outwards to the edge of the shield.

Its Meaning:
The core of the image shows a memory of past warring on Mars, which is now reconciled by the balancing scales of Libra. This original imprint was drawn down to Earth for reconciliation and resolution, resulting in peaceful coexistence as represented by the surrounding 6 Earths. These bring the desire for love in place of war and invite protection and peace to the center of your relationship.

The Earth and Mars are surrounded by shields of silver, merging them into a cohesive relationship. The silver and gold are connectors to your respective pasts after your separation, but also the conductors to your successful reunification. They allow for fast communications through multiple pathways to loving conclusions in the present time period. Mars and Earth are combined and protected by the frequencies of silver and gold to stabilize the shield, and downstep the healing knowledge of your ancient ancestors and your relationship in this time period.

The silver writing is the ancient language of your ancestors, bestowing their collective blessings on your union. Silver is also the feminine, reflecting your joint magnetism and your willingness to balance each other in all your male/female aspects.
The center is also a vague indicator of the Cancerian symbol of the crab with 6 legs reaching to unify all of the Earth’s. (Although crabs have 10 legs, they connect to the 10-digital accepted norm of Earth’s current experience. However, 12-base was and is, the evolution of the human into its higher aspects. It is represented in this crest by the 6 Earths with their transparent doubles of Paradise Earth embodied.)

Your astrological signs of Libra and Cancer support your merged relationship into oneness, while the sacred geometry of the hexagon provides the stability needed to bolster your willingness to fulfill your joint purpose together in your current lifetime. Libra supports this in balancing out your respective Karma.

The royal purple shield is symbolic of your combined frequencies of high spiritual knowledge. The green and red colors reflect both nature and creation as aspects of your purpose here on Earth. Finally, the outer edge of the shield has silver studs that fasten and hold steady your combined commitment to heal the past, and rejoin, reunite, and rejoice in peace, love, joy, and happiness from this moment forward. Your ancestors see you and congratulate you in this Ancestral Healing Family Crest of Karen Louise Mitchell and Kevin Creehan.

Published with client’s permission.


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