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» Wald Family Crest

Spirit of Love picture by AHONU Spirit Artist
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The Wald Family Crest by Spirit Artist AhonuThe new Wald Family Crest upholds the sacred imprint of renewal. It confirms the universal change from the old days of battle and struggle to the new paradigm of community togetherness and cosmic unity.

The Wald family is held together by a spirit of love that traces itself back through antiquity. As well as extending itself backwards in time to heal all its ancestry, the same spirit of love is held by the family members in trust for all those who follow.

The number of elements on the crest is nine. Nine is a completion number, symbolizing enlightenment, illumination and attainment. It is at the crest of the wave of readiness for a new beginning in its next cycle.

Framed in gold, the indigo color connects the family to sound, the very origin of humanity. Indigo is psychic sight, higher intuition, and acute perception. This family crest, when hung in the family home and ingested through the 3rd eye, reconnects all those qualities, making them available to every member of the family.

Published with client’s permission.


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2 Responses to “Wald Family Crest”
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  1. Annette Wald says:

    Dear Ahonu,
    Thank you for doing our Family Crest. It is something I / we will look upon and resonate with for years to come! It is Beautiful, it will be placed for all to see, so the vibration can heal and uplift us all! A true gift that keeps on giving! Thank you

    • AHONU says:

      Annette, I am so glad you like it. I must tell you, I got a lot out of it myself. It enthralled me, it gripped me, it took me in and I felt so privileged and full of grace while doing it. Ahonu

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